For some time now, medievalists have been expanding the scope of their research to consider Europe in relation to the Byzantine and Islamic civilizations also bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The aim of this University of California Multicampus Research Project is to move beyond the Mediterranean to understand relations among Europe, Africa, Eurasia, and the Americas from 500 to 1500 CE. We seek to support and intensify the geographically wide-ranging intellectual visions of the Middle Ages pursued by graduate student and faculty researchers in the UC system, and to bring this wide ranging and inclusive understanding of the Middle Ages to a broad audience by supporting the transformation of widely-accessed general narratives of the field, including textbooks. Specifically, the project will foster collaborative research and exchange among scholars studying the millennium from 500 to 1500 CE in Africa, the Americas, Eurasia, and Europe through competitive grants and interdisciplinary workshops. The initiative will generate new narratives of the Middle Ages that foreground the diversity within Europe and contextualize it within a global frame through critical comparative investigations.


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