Research Projects

Summer Research Grant Awards 2018

Holy Wars: Medievals and Moderns (course development with syllabus and bibliography)

Jessica L. Goldberg, UCLA


Hadith Information Network (data base for computational analysis of teachers and students transmitting hadith in early Islam and study of the social networks that sustained hadith literature)

Mairaj U. Syed (UCD) and Behnam Sadeghi (UCLA)


Turning Inward, Turning Backward: Byzantine Hesychasm and Chinese Neo-Confucianism in Modernist Narratives (study of parallels between the development of two spiritual movements in two major empires of the medieval world)

Shoufu Yin (UC)

Summer Research Grant Awards 2017

The Medieval Matrix: An Online Platform for Teaching the Medieval Globe (web-based collaborative space for pedagogical resources)

Danielle Callegari, UC Berkeley, & Akash Kumar, UC Santa Cruz


Saharan-Mediterranean Passages: Slave Trades of West Africa and the Mediterranean 1200-1600 (course materials on the medieval slave trade, particularly trans-Saharan networks linking West Africa to the Southern Mediterranean)

Lori De Lucia, UCLA


Classic Maya Cities in the UCSB Maya Forest GIS: Creating Access to Region, Local, and Site Scale Data for Comparative Research on the Middle Ages in the Wider World (model of digital data development and organization for comparative study of the Middle Ages)

Anabel Ford, UC Santa Barbara, & Keith Clarke, UC Santa Barbara


Medieval Japanese State Documents in a Western European Context (translations of Japanese Kamakura-era [1185-1333] texts with commentary referencing European comparanda)

Kaitlin G. Forgash, UC Berkeley


Of Saints and Rulers: The Ideology of Hagiography in Late Antiquity (comparative study of the function of hagiography in Sasanian Persia and Merovingian Gaul)

Cristina Politano, UCLA, & Ani Honarchian, UCLA


The Many Muslim Faces: 1200-1400 (web and pedagogical resources on race and the depiction of Muslims)

Shokoofeh Rajabzadeh, UC Berkeley


Medieval Women’s Global Literature (a collaborative digital mapping project)

Alexandra Verini, UCLA; Drew K. Richardson, UC Santa Cruz; & Rebecca Hill, UCLA


European Demonology Viewed from the East (sylvan shrines in India and France)

David Gordon White, UC Santa Barbara