Grant Application

MAWW – Summer Grant Application 2018


ELIGIBILITY: You must be either a graduate student or a faculty member at a University of California campus in order to apply for a grant.

FUNDING LEVELS AND TIME PERIOD: We expect typical awards to be in the 5K-10K-range. The maximum amount that may be requested for an individual award is 10K and for a collaborative award 20K. Budgets will be evaluated in detail to ensure that expenditures are directly relevant to the project. Partial funding awards may be made in some instances as the result of budget review. The proposed research must be accomplished between June 1 and August 31, 2018, although polishing of results to produce the required draft for pre-circulation before the November 3, 2018 workshop may take place afterwards.

PRESENTATION REQUIREMENT: Funded researchers will be required 1) to submit a draft short article on research or pedagogy coming out of the grant work no later than October 1, 2018 for pre-circulation; and 2) to attend in person the November 3, 2018 workshop in Berkeley where the draft will be discussed and critiqued. The editors of The Journal of Medieval Worlds would be very pleased to consider articles that have been supported by MAWW and look forward to discussing draft versions at the fall workshop at Berkeley. The journal does publish articles that review the scholarship in a particular field as well as articles that are original research.  Importantly, actual publication decisions are based on a double blind process, which means that articles are evaluated by peer reviewers who do not know the identity of the author, and the identities of the reviewers are not revealed to the authors.

SCOPE AND RESEARCH PRODUCTS: We invite proposals for research exploring connections or comparisons between Europe, Eurasia, Africa, or the Americas from 500 to 1500 CE. A flexible range of research activities will be supported to engage the creativity and expertise of both students and faculty. They include:

– individual or group projects on connections and/or shared experiences from 500 to 1500 CE between Europe, Eurasia, Africa, and the Americas.

– collaborative brief source translations illuminating connections and/or shared experiences from 500 to 1500 CE linking Europe to Asia, Africa, and the Americas and accompanied by introductions, annotations, and curricular apparatus (discussion questions, learning activities).

– development of syllabi and learning outcomes on the undergraduate level and bibliographies for graduate qualifying exams.

– literature reviews on a theme or area of global medieval research (e.g. recent work on DNA analysis, kingship in premodern African societies) designed to aid teaching.

APPLICATION: Fill in the fields below, attach your proposal in PDF form, and submit.

The proposal must include,

– a concise statement (no longer than 1,500 words) of the research proposed, the contribution it will make, the form of the final product (article, curricular materials), a work plan for the grant period (including any research travel), and a budget;

– a separate one-page bibliography related to the proposal;

– a short (no more than two-page) CV that includes publications.

The statement, bibliography, and CV must be combined into ONE PDF for uploading. Leave 1″ margins, use 12-point type, and make sure the first page includes your full name and the title of your proposed project. Please label your application PDF with your last name, hyphen, MAWWga18.


(2MB Limit)